Non Woven Cut Design 16

Non Woven Cut Design 16


Non Woven Cut Design 17

Non Woven Cut Design 17


Non Woven Cut Design 18

Non Woven Cut Design 18


Non Woven Cut Design 19

Non Woven Cut Design 19


Quality and Eco-Friendly Products by Surya Laxmi Industries

Welcome to Surya Laxmi Industries! 

Are you ready to shop in our broad range of non-woven fabric products? We are excited to see your choice of bags, machinery, fabric, and any other non-woven needs. Not only will you expect diverse and high-grade options, but also products that are tailored to better fit your specific demands. As the leading non-woven maker in Delhi, you have definitely come to the right place.

Having those said, what we are more excited about is to see more people shifting to green life. Surya was created out of several inspirations. From providing alternative solutions to plastic usage and up to helping startup businesses with our affordable products, each of our core services has a meaningful story to tell.

Our products

Surya does not only produce low-cost, yet premium quality non-woven products. Instead, we help other aspiring and potential business owners to start their own. For these people, our team happily offers you exclusive non-woven machines. Apart from raw materials, these are basic requirements needed for the production process. 

Non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric is a term referring to popular fabric-like materials that are neither woven nor knitted. Their appearances and properties are quite diverse because they are made from staple fibre (short) and long fibres (continuous long), linked together by various types of treatment. Such procedures are often done by chemical, mechanical, heat, and solvent.

The making of non-woven fabric is very accessible to everyone due to the different use of treatments and materials. Given that this has vast potential, Surya guarantees that all used raw materials and applied procedures are high-quality.

Akin to our loyalty in quality production, Surya is equally concerned about the environment. That is why we use a certain percentage of the recycled materials in our products, thereby making them fully ready to use. This practice makes our company and other non-woven producers as eco-friendly businesses. The production use of this fabric in different applications is now recognised and advised by the Government of India (GOI) as a defining solution towards the green lifestyle.

With regard to the different use of non-woven fabric, Surya focuses on the following four points:

  1. Packaging fabric

When you shop or travel, don’t settle for less. Protect your goods from mishaps as you use our packaging fabric. They are designed to carry different kinds of belongings, more so protect your valuable items. Such common products we sell are:

  • Carry bags
  • Rice packaging
  • Pouches

The commonly used packaging materials for the products above are:

  • White non-woven fabric: It is available in the bright snow white shade.
  • Coloured non-woven fabric: This material is available in almost all three different types of colours, which are primary, secondary, and tertiary.
  • Printed non-woven fabric: Be distinct with Surya’s printed non-woven fabric available in multiple colour combinations and patterns. They are most commonly used as gift wrappers. With our advanced printing technology, customers may ask for customised print designs.
  • Laminated: Based on the global market standards of the textile industry, Surya’s laminated non-woven fabric has neat stitching, smooth to touch, fine finish, high tearing strength, and is available in vibrant colours. This is ideal for making bags. 
  1. Medical fabric

Most medical non-woven fabrics are not knitted. Instead, they are commonly loose in order to provide comfort to the person wearing them. These are long-lasting and comfortable. Quite a few instances of wear and tear were reported to us. The items that we supply to hospitals are durable, soft, and chemical resistant. Above all, they are designed to prevent microbes and bacteria, helping doctors not to spread diseases during surgical procedures. 

 Such medical fabric products we have are as follows:

  • Doctor apron
  • Caps
  • Doctor coats and jackets
  • Face masks
  • Hospital gowns
  • Patient suits
  • Pillow covers
  • Sheets
  • Surgical gowns
  • Gloves
  • Wound dressing
  • Drug deliver
  • Shoes covers
  • Towels 

The mentioned products are available in white, medical blue, and medical green colours. If interested, we also have attractive patterns and fun colour combinations. For our non-woven masks, what we have are the following: 

  • 3 Ply Masks: Also known as disposable masks, these are made from very soft material allowing better protection and at the same time maintaining stable airflow. 
  • KN95 Masks: With properties almost similar to 3 Ply Masks, the KN95 is ideal for people who wish to reuse their face masks by simple soap washing. The main material used for this type is PP Spun Bond.
  • KN95 Masks with Respirator Valve: This type of mask is almost identical to the KN95 model, with PP Spun Bond as the main material. Only that, this one has a built-in respirator. 
  1. Hygiene fabric

In support of protecting the environment, Surya also cares for your health. We also specialise in producing hygienic non-woven fabrics. With our thoroughly assessed used materials, coupled with affordable costs, these products will aid the growing awareness of maintaining hygiene in and around the surroundings. Such hygiene products we have are as follows:

  • Baby diapers: Children are vulnerable to illnesses. Give them the best quality care with Surya’s baby diapers. They superbly absorb any liquid as they are made up of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) and wood pulp. These materials will help prevent your baby from developing any kind of rashes or skin roughness. The quality of the fabric does not directly affect or come into contact with the baby’s skin. 
  • Sanitary napkin: This refers to the collective products for female hygiene, referring to sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, and even incontinence items. Like our baby diapers, these items are super self-absorbing. In turn, they keep the area dry, thereby protecting the smoothness of the skin.
  • Waxing strips: Perfect for both beauty spas, massage parlours, and even a home-based skincare regime, Surya’s waxing strips help your skin to have a smooth and light texture.
  1. Other application

With creative minds and assistive machines, there is still a lot to know about non-woven fabric. At present, not only are they beneficial for hospitals and hygiene, but they can also be used in various industries. Here at Surya, we produce non-woven fabric products for the agriculture and residential sectors. Such products that we offer are as follows:

  • Handloom (Carpet backing/interlining curtains): For carpets and drapes, we use non-woven polyester fabric because they are firmer and more stable than polypropylene fabric. In turn, carpets have improved tuft grip and have easier chances to be repaired.
  • Agriculture: Non-woven materials used in the farming sector are more suitable and profitable. In general, the use of polymer makes fabrics lightweight, giving off more protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Here at Surya, what we offer are fruit cover bags. These fabrics have features up to 5% UV protection and strength that last for six months. They are ideal for protecting plants in regions with cold climates, frequent hail storms, rains, storms, and any other hazards of nature.
  • Filtration: Filtration used in swimming pools, spa filters, and coolant systems would be more effective with non-woven materials. While their features are almost the same as standard and commercial filtration systems, Surya’s costs are more practical.

Non-woven Bag | Elight Carry Bags

Surya’s non-woven bags are the most popular products in both local and Asian markets. Not only are they alternative solutions in replacing the use of plastic bags, but they are also the better choice. They are made with high-grade materials, thorough production processes, and come at affordable costs. All of these benefits could only be found here at Surya. To better meet the needs of our clients, we have designed four non-woven bags. Please refer to the designs’ respective tables for better information.

  1. D-Cut Bags 
Features/BenefitsAppealing designUnique colour combinationsVery fashionableShrink resistanceSoft fabric 
Sizes8*10, 10*12, 12*16, 14*18, 16*20
ColoursAll colours are available 
  1. U-Cut Bags
Features/BenefitsFine finishingHigh load bearing capacityEasy to useShrink free Lightweight
Sizes10*12, 12*16, 16*20, 14*18
ColoursRed, yellow, orange, green, blue, and pink
  1. Loop Handle Bags
Features/BenefitsSuperb design patternsWear and tear resistanceVibrant designShrink free
Sizes10*12, 12*16, 16*20
ColoursOrange, red, and yellow
  1. Box Bags
Features/BenefitsHighly adaptiveClients can request if they want their logo printedDiverse patterns
SizesSizes vary based on client orders.
ColoursColours and designs vary based on client orders.

Non-woven Machinery

High-grade raw materials are vital elements for every successful product. That said, the production stage is still a process. Without the right knowledge, machinery, and labour, raw materials will stay as they are. That is why here at Surya, we help aspiring business owners to be successful in the textile industry through our cutting-edge non-woven machines. Such products available are as follows: 

  1. ETMK01 (Semi-Automatic Type)
  2. ETMK02 (Semi-Automatic Type)
  3. ETMK03 Automatic Mask Making Machine
  4. ET-SP01 Single Color Machine 
  5. ET-XB700 Box Bag Making Machine
  6. ET-G700 Soft Handle Sealing Machine
  7. ET-C 800 Non-woven Bag Making Machine
  8. ET-21200 Flexographic Printing Machine
  9. ET-41200 Non-woven Flexographic Printing Machine
  10. ET-C 500 U-cut Bag Making Machine
  11. ET-C700 Bag Making Machine
  12. ET-12th LEADER-500