Different fabrics used for clothing

If you’re a fan of buying clothes, it’s important that you’re aware of the types of clothing fabrics you buy. Not only will this help you become more meticulous with your clothing, but it can also help you spot pieces that are made to last. So if you’re curious to know more, here are some of the best clothing fabrics you should know about: 


Acrylic is a type of fabric that is artificially made using petroleum. It usually takes a lot of chemicals to create an acrylic fabric. While it is not the best sustainable material out there, most fashion companies prefer it because it’s cheap and can be easily formed into clothing pieces that don’t wrinkle easily. 

If you’re going to invest in this type of material, you should know that acrylic easily gets damaged when exposed to heat for a long time. Additionally, the texture can be rough, especially when it’s used without a mix of cotton. 


Elastane is a material often used to create activewear. It’s extremely stretchy and often mixed with other fabrics to create different apparels such as loungewear and thermal clothing. Usually, elastane is mixed with other fabrics to help the clothes stay in shape, especially if the design is snug. If you’re buying items for swimwear or gym, the best material you can look for is spandex. 


If you dress for comfort, cotton is the best material for you. Usually, the cotton used in clothing is grown on farms. What makes cotton a good clothing fabric is that it absorbs sweat, which is good especially if you’re living in a humid country. Additionally, it’s breathable, soft and durable so you can ensure that you won’t waste money buying cotton clothes. 


Hemp is another type of natural-based fabric made from the cannabis plant. It’s one of the most sustainable types of fabrics and has been used in the clothing industry for many years now. However, some governments ban this because it gives entry to growing cannabis plants. Clothes made from hemp are usually 3x stronger than cotton, UV resistant, durable, breathable and can be produced without the need to use fertilizers and pesticides. 


Linen is one of the most popular types of fabric material right now. With its stiff and rough texture, it’s often mistaken for hemp. Because of its sustainable production, it’s often considered the second-best material next to hemp. 

Clothes made of linen are extremely breathable, perfect for humid weather, durable, and can be grown without using fertilizers and pesticides. The only downside is that linen clothing wrinkles easily and needs delicate care when washing. 


Wool is an animal-based fabric that can be sourced from Angora rabbits or goats from the Kashmir state of India. This type of fabric is often used to create clothing that can trap heat, which is useful for people in countries with cold weather. Apparels made of wool are good for cold climates, dirt-resistant, breathable and water absorbent. 

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